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As we spend most of our time online, doesn’t it make more sense to move in on the growing trend of starting your own wedding website for your special day?  While with the older generation of relatives you can stick to the physical wedding invitation, a wedding website is a convenient and smart way to interact with your friends and younger relatives, leading up to the big day. It’s personal There are many free options to creating your very own wedding website which you can personalise as you wish. Choose

Invite the whole family, extended included, neighbours and acquaintances; this is the standard, especially when it comes to Sri Lankan weddings. However, globally more and more couples opt for smaller intimate weddings, with just the closest relatives and friends. In Sri Lanka too, this trend is slowly gaining momentum as more young couples embrace the benefits of ‘keeping it small’. If you and your partner are thinking of tying the knot soon, then the below listed benefits may help you decide why an intimate wedding would be a smart choice.

Even though your wedding day is a celebration of your love and commitment, preparing for it can become stressful. Even the most laidback of brides are bound to feel the slight twinge of stress here and there, even if not prone to all out-panic attacks. While avoiding pre-wedding stress completely may not be realistic the below steps can help to reduce the amount of stress you experience. Start planning early Seriously it is never too early to start. Do your research for the type of wedding the two of you

Wedding gift lists are a smart way to ensure that you received presents that will be of actual use to you in your new life, as well as ensuring that your guests spend their money on something that you actually need and will appreciate. It helps avoids repetitive gifts or gifts that will just gather dust in some corner of your home until they can be recycled at another wedding or donated. Below are some ideas of items worth adding to your gift registry for a great start to your

Planning your wedding registry is actually one of the most fun and fulfilling parts of planning your wedding. The gift list is something that is decided by just you and your partner and finalised based upon the future you two envisioned together. It is a bonding exercise that reminds you why you are getting married and that is so much more than just the one day, it is a life you will be creating together.  It builds excitement for the future while serving the practical purpose of ensuring you get