Tips on starting your wedding registry or gift list

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Planning your wedding registry is actually one of the most fun and fulfilling parts of planning your wedding. The gift list is something that is decided by just you and your partner and finalised based upon the future you two envisioned together. It is a bonding exercise that reminds you why you are getting married and that is so much more than just the one day, it is a life you will be creating together.  It builds excitement for the future while serving the practical purpose of ensuring you get gifts you truly need. It also helps your loved ones know that they are getting you a gift that you will genuinely value.

Where to register

Do your research and find places that offer items that you would want to add to your list. Be it kitchen utensils, bedding, cutlery and crockery or linen find the options that you like and register with the provider. In Sri Lanka we are lucky as now there are many places that provide quality products worth adding to a wedding registry. It is smarter to register with quite a few stores so that everyone has a greater option to choose your gifts from.

Aim for different price ranges

Be mindful when creating your registry, of all your guests. By having varying price ranges, you will help avoid embarrassment for some of your guests. Make sure to have quite a few items within the affordable range but do have a few on the higher side so that those who want to splurge on you can do so!

Set it up early

You should aim to start your registry early so that you can send the completed list to your guests early, giving them ample time to select and buy the gift they would like to give you. Also check with the store whether they provide wedding discounts of the gifts purchased. If they do, then it will be an added benefit and incentive to your guests to get you something off your list.

Both online and offline

Give your guests the option of purchasing your gifts both online and offline for convenience. By giving your guests this flexibility, you are more likely to get the gifts you desire rather than not.

Check return policies

True when you set up a registry it is filled with things you want. However, sometimes you may receive a similar gift from elsewhere or you may even change your mind about something you have selected previously. It doesn’t hurt to check with the store regarding either refunds or exchanges for something of a similar value.

These tips will help you get your wedding registry started. Check out our tips on what to add to your wedding registry for some gift inspiration.

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