Six items worth adding to your wedding gift list

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Wedding gift lists are a smart way to ensure that you received presents that will be of actual use to you in your new life, as well as ensuring that your guests spend their money on something that you actually need and will appreciate. It helps avoids repetitive gifts or gifts that will just gather dust in some corner of your home until they can be recycled at another wedding or donated. Below are some ideas of items worth adding to your gift registry for a great start to your married life.

Quality cutlery

Good quality cutlery will come in handy when you host future dinner parties at home. There is something magical about bringing out this cutlery as it seals the occasion as truly special and memorable.

Pots and Pans

Pots and pans from well-known brands will serve you well and will be a worthwhile addition to your future kitchen. Having top quality pots, pans and utensils will ensure that you do not have to change them regularly as they are manufactured to withstand the test of time.

Luxury Bedding

Honestly, what better way to start your new wedded life together, than to sleep on luxury bedding? It will make a huge difference to your life and as it is a gift why not indulge, as it may not be something that you will spend on regularly later on in life.

Wine glasses

There is nothing quite like pulling out your good quality wine glasses when you have company. It sets the tone for an evening of good company and unforgettable memories. So, go ahead, add this to your list and be ready for those fun wine-infused evenings.

Picture frames

Today there are so many beautiful options to choose from, so why not add a few to your list. You will appreciate having somewhere to put those special photos around the house, to fill you with happiness whenever you pass them.

A dinner set

While you may prefer an eclectic mix on a day to day basis, having a dinner set for those very special occasion is a must. It too helps create an enchanting evening that friends and family will not forget. It is a gift that will not regret adding to your list.

These are just some suggestions. You can of course add what feels necessary to you. Be sure to create a wedding gift registry for your special to ensure that you receive gifts that will speak to your heart and future together as a couple. Read our guide on creating a wedding gift registry, for practical tips.

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