How to plan a beach wedding in Sri Lanka

Wedding Decorations in Beach

If there is something Sri Lanka has an abundance of, it is beaches. A beach wedding can be a romantic and memorable when planned right. Afterall, you have to remember that it will be an outdoor wedding, open to the elements even if you have a marquee and you will have to contend with the noise of the glorious ocean itself. However, with the proper planning you can have that perfect beautiful beach wedding.

Pick your season

When planning a beach wedding you will have to pick the season carefully. In Sri Lanka seasons can be broadly categorised as rainy season and non-rainy season. Obviously, you should pick the non-rainy seasons and plan your wedding date accordingly. However, we all know how fickle the weather-gods can be, so a contingency plan should be in place in case of a sudden downpour. If you work with a beachside property to organise your wedding, you can discuss having a space ready to shift the ceremony to, just in case.

Opt for an easy hairstyle and attire

Remember, a beach is windy and sandy. It is best to opt for a hairstyle that can withstand the wind and not gt too messy by the end of the day. An updo, a messy low bun or a half updo with some small flowers weaved through, are all great ways to look elegant and put together during your ceremony. When it comes to attire, a sari might not be the most comfortable attire for a beach wedding. Instead think along the lines of simple designs made with lightweight material such as chiffon or charmeuse, so that your dress flows beautifully in the gently sea breeze without picking up unwanted debris. You will feel comfortable and confident throughout which is the most important fact.

Ditch the heels

Instead look for pretty sandals or even think barefoot with pretty anklets to add some oomph to your look. The key is to be comfortable and heels will not help with this. If you are having an indoor reception later, then have a pair of heels on hand. But while on the beach do yourself a favour and let your inner boho shine through.

Go smart casual

Be mindful that your guests too will be going through the same issues, so be sure to mention in the invite that they can dress smart casual. By being in comfortable attire and footwear, they can concentrate on your moment rather than on shaking sand out of their shoes and clothes. You could even set up a shoe station so that your guests can enjoy the warm sand beneath their toes.

Go natural

You are already in one of the most naturally gorgeous locations. It doesn’t need dressing up. Keep your decorations to a minimum so that your guests can truly appreciate the location without unnecessary distractions. A few well placed lanterns maybe, soft cloth draped to the chairs (but fastened securely) that gently flutter in the wind will help give an enchanted look and feel to the ceremony without the unwanted attention of a decoration getting blown away by a gust of wind.