Honeymoon ideas to consider

Photography of Romantic Couple

If you are looking for some honeymoon inspo, then hopefully the below ideas will be of use. As the name indicates, this is the period after the wedding, where the two of you, get to relax and enjoy each other away from the all the stress of wedding planning you would have gone through. It is the time you unwind and solidify you couple goals and relationship. It is also where you will make memories that you will remember throughout life.

Foodie honeymoons

Are you a couple that bonds over food? Does your relationship consist of many ventures out to sample different dishes and desserts? Is your perfect evening one consisting of food (of course) and wine and binge watching Master Chef? Then what better way to celebrate your union than by planning a honeymoon that is filled with culinary experiences and food adventures.

Road trip honeymoons

If the two of you love travelling and it is more about the journey than the destination, this is a great option. Be it in Sri Lanka or if you decide to travel abroad, you can enjoy each other while traveling from place to place. Just pack some essentials, have your google maps at hand and jump in a car and see where the day takes you. Leave the planning aside and just listen to your heart. By bringing back the spontaneity into your life it will help melt away any stress you may still be feeling after the wedding preparations.

Intimate honeymoons

Want to hide away from the world? Then an intimate honeymoon in a cosy hideaway is the perfect honeymoon for you. Just pack your bags and enter your romantic honeymoon location and do not re-emerge till the two of you are well and truly relaxed. It could be beachside, or up country or even in a luxury bungalow not too far from home. Just be sure to hang that ‘Do not disturb’ sign, switch off your phones and just eat, drink, sleep and relax.

Volunteer honeymoons

Do you prefer to be active and do something that makes a difference, during your honeymoon? Nowadays more and more newlyweds are opting for this by adding some volunteer work to their honeymoon plans. Create a lasting bond by working towards a good cause together. Pick your cause and make your strong bond even stronger.

Green honeymoons

Along similar lines plan a green honeymoon and do your part for the planet. More locations are offering green holidays that are not only better for the planet but that help support the local community as well. Learn something new while supporting green travel is something the two of you can always be proud of in the years to come.