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0773 900 443 | 0112 768 327 | studio300df@yahoo.com

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about us

Fred Marcus Photography became a dream of a young man immigrating to the United States form Germany during WWII. After leaving Germany, Fred Marcus arrived in Cube and because of red tape had to make it tis home for almost two years. To make a living and support himself, Fres took photographs of other immigrants and their families on the beaches of Cube. He developed them in tis bathtub at night, making his bathroom a makeshift darkroom. Most of Fred's photographic knowledge was self-taught ans he was considered a brilliant portrait photographer.

After arriving in the United States, Fred decided to set up shop in New York City. The studio is still in the same location that it was 70 + years ago, only much larger. new York was tih choice because his clients form the Cuban beaches were all coming there. He followed, and they remembered. They used him for their family portraits and soon he was photographing their family events.

Today, people form around the world call to use our services, and they can always count on the highest standards of quality and uncompromising customer services.

0773 900 443 | 0112 768 327